Invited Overseas Colloquia

(1) H. Kimura, "Pole assignment by output feedback," at Warwick Univ. (Feb. 1975).

(2) H. Kimura, "Linear function observers," at Imperial College (Sept. 1975).

(3) H. Kimura, "A new approach to high gain feedback control," at ETH Zurich (July 9, 1982).

(4) H. Kimura, "Partial realization of covariance sequence," at the University of Florida (US-Japan Joint Seminar on Algebraic System Theory,April 12,1983).

(5) H. Kimura, "Some applications of interpolation theory in classical analysis," at the Univ. of Florida (April 19, 1983).

(6) H. Kimura, "Covariance realization and spectrum estimation," at Rice Univ. (April 22, 1983).

(7) H. Kimura, "Robust stabilizability for a class of transfer functions," at Yale Univ. (April 26, 1983).

(8) H. Kimura, "Robust stabilizability of linear SISO control systems," at Brown Univ. (April 28, 1983).

(9) H. Kimura, "Robust stabilizability of linear SISO control systems," at the Univ. Southern California (May 2, 1983).

(10) H. Kimura, "Generalized Schwarz form and lattice-ladder realizations of digital filters," at the Univ. of Groningen (July 27, 1984).

(11) H. Kimura, "Robust stabilizability of linear multivariable systems," at Twente Univ. (July 28, 1984).

(12) H. Kimura, "Robustness issues in control system design," at the Univ. of Minnesota (October 11, 1984).

(13) H. Kimura, "Robust stabilizability of linear multivariable control systems," at the Univ. of California, Berkeley (October 12, 1984).

(14) H. Kimura, "Observer-based control system design," at East China Normal University (October, 1985).

(15) H. Kimura, "State-space structure of lattice filters," at the Univ. of Colorado, Boulder (July 17, 1986).

(16) H. Kimura, "Robust stabilization," at Yale Univ. (July 29, August 5, 1986).

(17) H. Kimura, "Interpolation and model-matching in H-infinity, at National Sun Yat-sen Univ. (Plenary Talk at Taiwan Automatic Control Conf., Dec. 18- 19, 1987).

(18) H. Kimura, "Interpolation and model-matching," at Vrijie Univ. (September 8, 1988).

(19) H. Kimura, "Conjugation, interpolation and model-matching in H-infinity," at the Univ. of Strathclyde (September. 12, 1988).

(20) H. Kimura, "Robust control and H-infinity optimization," at National Cheng Kung Univ. (October 12, 13, 14, 1988).

(21) H. Kimura, "Robust control of flexible arms," at University of California at Santa Barbala (May 22, 1990).

(22) H. Kimura, "Uncertainty and Intelligence," presented at the Symposium on New Trends in Control Theory, at ETH, Zurich (July 17, 1992).

(23) H. Kimura, "Nonlinear control of visual feedback systems," at the University of Manchester for IMA Symposium (Plenary Talk, September 4, 1992).

(24) H. Kimura, "Visual feedback control and intelligence," at Seoul National University (October 18, 1992).

(25) H. Kimura, "Chain-scattering approach to non-standard H-infinity problems," at the International Symposium on Mathematical Theory of Network and Systems, at Regensburg (August 3, 1993).

(26) H. Kimura, "H-infinity control from classical circuit theoretical viewpoint," at the SIAM Conference on Linear Algebra, Signals, Systems and Control, at Seattle (Plenary Talk, August 16, 1993).

(27) H. Kimura, "Chain-scattering approach to control systems design," at the 3rd European Control Conference (Keynote Lecture, September 2, 1995).

(28) H. Kimura, "How the Model Gets Reality?," at the 2rd Asian Control Conference (Invited Plenary Lecture, Seoul, 1997).

(29) H. Kimura, "Model set system theory," Plenary talk at the '98 KACC, Seoul, 1998.

(30) H. Kimura, "Towards a system theory of model set," Plenary Lecture of MTNS98, Padova, 1998.

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